"Soveren Solar is a solar design/install company specializing in grid-tied photovoltaics. Our mission is to help build sustainable communities through the development of local renewable energy. "

Harvesting the Sun

With thousands of photovoltaic panels installed across Vermont since 2010, Soveren Solar is southern Vermont’s premier solar installation company.

Our customers and the quality of our installations come first. We do everything we can to ensure that you love your installation and have a great time working with us.

Soveren Solar is a Photovoltaic Partner with the state of Vermont Incentive Program through RERC, and is NABCEP certified. Through our Vermont Community Solar Program we also partner with Green Mountain Credit Union, Green Mountain Power, and Ludlow Electric.

Solar Electricity

Photovoltaic (PV), also known as Solar Power, systems use solar electric panels to directly convert the sun’s energy into electricity. This conversion of sunlight to electricity occurs without moving parts, is silent and pollution free in its operation. The solar electricity fed through electronic equipment is converted to utility grade electricity for use directly in the home.

Solar for Everyone

Have you always wanted to invest in solar energy but didn’t have a south facing roof or land to put panels on? Or you thought you couldn’t afford it?

Soveren Solar is now offering Community Solar! With community solar, the panels are located in field with great solar exposure. And the buy-in is being offered so low that your monthly payment to the bank will most likely be the same as your current electric bill. Instead of paying GMP forever, pay your bank for a few years then get your electricity for free!  You can also join solar by signing up for the lease program in which you lease panels from Soveren for a discounted price per watt.

It has never been easier to GO SOLAR! Contact us today to find out how!