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The Brattleboro Town School District has signed a solar Net Metering Credit Purchase Agreement with Soveren Solar that will save the schools 10% on their electricity bills.

Soveren Solar is developing the 500 kW solar farm, which will generate approximately $130,000 in net metering credits per year. The net metering credits will be applied to the Brattleboro Schools electricity bills, and the School District will purchase the credits for 90% of their value, resulting in estimated annual savings of $13,000.

The solar farm will be located in Westminster, VT and will be interconnected to Green Mountain Power’s utility grid. The Brattleboro schools will form a net metering group, which will allow the net metering credits generated by the solar farm to offset the charges for the schools electricity consumption. In addition to immediate savings of 10% on electricity, the value of the net metering credits will increase in parallel with electricity rates, protecting the schools from rising electricity costs.

The solar farm will be owned by an investor group that will be able to take advantage of the tax incentives available for solar. The tax incentives, which are not available to the School District as a non-taxed entity, are instrumental to reducing the net cost of the solar farm, and providing the schools with a 10% discount on the purchase of the net metering credits. The Brattleboro School District will not be an owner of the solar farm, and is not responsible for any aspect of its financing, operations or maintenance. The net metering credit purchase agreement is set for a term of 20 years, with an option for the School District to purchase the solar farm at fair market value after 7 years.

Soveren Solar has begun the permitting process for the solar farm by submitting applications for utility interconnection and a Certificate of Public Good from the Public Service Board. The permitting process is expected to take approximately 6 months to complete, and installation is expected to take approximately 3 months. The goal is to have the solar farm completed by the end of 2013.

Once the solar farm is completed, Brattleboro Schools will have the ability to monitor the electricity production data in real time through a web portal, which will provide valuable learning opportunities.

Soveren Solar is very pleased to announce this exciting agreement with the Brattleboro Town School District. The solar farm will expand the role of renewable energy in Windham County, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil fuel electricity generation, stimulate the local economy, save the School District money, and provide exciting learning opportunities for students.

Soveren Solar is a local solar installation and development company based in Westminster West, with more than 30 solar installations operating in Windham County. In 2012 Soveren Solar entered into a net metering credit purchase agreement with the Grammar School in Putney, VT that allowed the school to build a 52 kW solar farm. Soveren Solar is proud to provide solar development strategies that have allowed many area farms, and non-taxable entities such as schools and municipalities the opportunity to Go Solar!

Update: 3/27/13 This great news was covered in The Commons. The article can be read here or downloaded here:Commons-3-27-13-brattleboro-school-board-solar-soveren.

Update This was also covered in the Brattleboro Reformer. The article can be read here

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