Hardwick Electric Ups Net-Metering Cap

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VPR reported today that Hardwick Electric Department, a small electric company serving around 4,300 customers in Hardwick, VT has voluntarily upped their net-metering cap.

Vermont Legislature requires utilities to allow net metering systems to be installed in their service territory up to a limit of 4 percent of the utility’s peak demand. Already Vermont Electric Coop, Hardwick Electric, Washington Co-op and Morrisville Water & Light (MWL) have all reached their 4% cap.

Hardwick Electric Department has voluntarily raised their cap to 6%, which among other customers, will allow Sterling College in Craftsbury to add 10 solar trackers to its existing array, enabling the campus to get over 80 percent of its electricity from solar power.

Will other utilities follow suit? We sure hope so!

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