Welcome to the party CA!

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UT San Diego just published an article announcing that California utilities will begin providing the community solar option to residents. This is due to a new program authorization approved yesterday.

San Diego Gas and Electric is opening up options for participation in a few solar installations around the city. According to this article, Solar power shines on apartments; renters in Californiathe San Diego community solar billing system will be set up much like ours in the Green Mountain Power utility in VT. Participants can get up to 100% of their electricity covered by solar, and receive credit from their solar portfolio on their utility bill.

There was some skepticism brought up by Mike Florio, the CA state utilities commissioner. He thinks that renters wont bite. Another trepidation, is the complexity of group net metered billing. From our understanding, it takes quite a bit of time for our dear friends in the utility billing department to set up credit for Vermont Community Solar Participants. This is especially true with the rising number of participants -let’s hope they get some reliable assistants soon! However, with community solar on the rise, and more and more people opting out of electricity from fossil fuels, it is an inevitable that renters, home owners and businesses will search out cleaner, more energy efficient options. In turn, we will find more efficient ways to bill group net metered solar.

These issues are not games stoppers, and for CA they will be a cake walk. With such a high population, there is no reason that community solar will not be a hit. Welcome to the party California! We can’t wait to see how this turns out.


Below are maps of net metering policies by state. This information was found at the National Conference of State Legislatures website. Click here for more information on Net Metering policies throughout the country.

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