Petition for Free Market Solar in FL

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A campaign sparked by Floridians for Solar Choice, has received 100,000 signatures. If put to ballot, and voted into law, Florida residence could buy and sell the energy they produce on an open market. Thus, eliminating the monopoly of electric companies. Currently under net metering laws (such as we have in VT), residents can exchange the power they produce for credit on their electric bill. However, all transactions of this kind are filtered through the utility and subject to company policies.

If this door were to open, residents could sell their excess power to anyone, tenants, neighbors, churches etc. These would not have to be solar “credits”. On an open market, people could openly sell excess power for cash, allowing clean energy production to become individually profitable. This seems to be a likely future for clean energy. Smaller, more localized systems, where the participants have control over production and dissemination. As the options become more diverse, the potential is clear.

Read the full article here.

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