Why Spring is the best time to invest in solar…

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For many, the end of the year looks like a juicy time to invest in solar. You can squeeze in those tax credits to cover what you owe and make the books look nice and balanced for the coming year. For some this type of thinking isn’t even on the radar. However, when we use a renewable source of energy, the natural cycles come into play in a big way. Everyone who is thinking about going solar, or looking at the state of their solar credits should understand these cycles.

Vermont Community Solar makes going solar so simple that many participants forget that their power is actually being generated by the sun. Here’s the scoop…

Buying VCS panels is like buying stock in the sun except this market never crashes. It is always in the positive and will always make you money. How much money depends on the season. To put it simplistically, in the stock market, you buy low priced stocks, sit back, watch them grow, and sell them at a higher price. There are similarities when going solar. While the sunshine market is much less volatile, you will see your solar credits grow throughout the summer and dip in the winter.

Knowing these cycles is useful when investing in solar. If you buy panels in the fall, you will have minimal return until the following spring when the sun rises higher in the sky and the days get longer. If you buy panels in the Spring, you will watch your return rise to its peak in the Summer. Starting out in the green (or the most green) can be helpful when taking the financing option. This way, you will start out with the maximum amount of credit to weather what minimal volatility there is throughout the year.

So, buy panels in the spring and watch your electricity bill dissolve in the sun!

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