A Farmer’s View of Solar

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There has been some fine tuning of policies in Vermont as far as esthetics and sighting for solar go in the state. This comes at a time when the amount of solar installations have grown exponentially in the past few years. Recently VT Senator Chris Bray has brought the siting bill (230) in front on the Senate to iron out some of the issues that have come up.

It has been our experience that farmers are more than willing to take on a solar crop and watch it thrive. This can go in tandem with haying and grazing or on its own. Recently an article came out in VT Digger about one Farmer’s point of view of Solar in VT. His name is Brian Davis, a dairy farmer, and he can see the benefits of this change in our environment. He see the value in solar power, but also sees the value of letting the land lay fallow and recover under a ground mounted solar array. He also references the benefit to the quality of water as well as economic benefits for farmers who do choose to site a solar farm. You can read the full article here.

A few weeks ago we were approached by a student at Hampshire college who was looking for a solar site to test for changes in nutrients under ground mounted solar arrays. Her professor was under the impression that it may allow for a greater build up of nutrients. We are continuing in this research partnership to look farther into what changes solar installation make to our landscape.

Stay tuned as samples are taken and studies throughout the summer!


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