The Worth of Solar Power

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There is a growing understanding of solar power in the world, and as more investments are made in the industry the viability of this clean energy structure goes up and up. This combination, as well as a drive to move away from fossil fuels is spear heading a huge transition. In Vermont, net metering has taken off. So much so, that the exponential growth was more than even the Public Service Board and utility expected. Now there are new rules being created to make up for the huge changes that have occurred due to this growth.

The rutland herald has written on this issue. You can read the full article here. Stay posted for the new rules and updates on the stars on net metering in Vermont.

If you are still looking for panels in one of our community solar fields, there is currently availability in the Green Mountain Power Territory as well as Ludlow Electric. For more information call 802-387-5517.

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