Solar Explodes Worldwide as Installations Expected to Grow Exponentially Over Next Five Years

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For those of us living in ecologically conscious communities, not secret that solar has been experiencing quite a bump in installations as we’ve seen panels appear on rooftops, over parking lots, large arrays rolling across green fields, and even unseen arrays now covering many warehouse sized buildings’ roofs such as Walmarts across the nation. The commitment to going green is no longer the expensive lifestyle choice it was in the the 80’s and 90’s — a time when the best argument for solar was the “eco-bling” factor — , but in the 2010’s solar has come down in price massively making it not only affordable but a sound investment. This is caused by a multitude of factors; demand worldwide has increased, increasing production and competition in the market which has brought prices down, technology has improved allowing solar PV to be more efficient than ever, and a general consciousness about the importance of moving away from a fossil-fuel-based energy economy has permeated conversations on governmental, utility, community and individual levels.

Looking forward to the future we can expect to solar installations to increase exponentially as fossil fuel reserves dwindle, decentralized generation increases causing the need for a smart-grid which will be better equipped to deal with renewable energy production, and the impacts of climate change become increasingly undeniable to those who still have their heads in the sand.

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