Solar Powered Drones Soon to Take Flight

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Here at Soveren, we are always interested in solar innovations, and as such we often pay attention to new initiatives even if they aren’t directly related to our operation. Facebook announced yesterday that they have successfully completed their first test flight of their new solar powered drone with the intent of constructing a fleet of them large enough to provide internet to the far reached of the world. It seems the Solar Impulse – the worlds first solar powered airplane to circumnavigate the globe – won’t be the only aerial craft harvesting the sun for long.

The idea of a solar powered aircraft isn’t entirely new. In the 70’s American and British companies experimented with solar-powered flight with the creation of the AstroFlight Sunrise, the Mauro Solar Riser and the Solar one, none of which were very successful and the projects were all canned within a few years of the first models being produced.

Today is a different story and the future of solar powered flight seems bright, especially when behemoths like Facebook decide to embark on what would once be considered far fetched missions such as using solar powered drones to provide internet globally.

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