As Coal Loses Its Stranglehold On The American Energy Market, Solar Can Pick Up Those Out Of Work

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A new study was released by the Journal of Energy Economics has proposed the notion that there may be a great amount of cross applicable skills between the U.S.’s current coal industry workforce and the emerging solar industry workforce, and that retraining of coal workers to work in solar is not only cost-effective for the solar industry, but also equates to better wages for the workforce. In the study, published by Joshua Pearce of Michigan Technological University and Edward Louie of Oregon State University, findings indicate that skilled labor involved in coal extraction to coal consumption could easily be brought into the renewable energy fold with minimal retraining. This is good news for the U.S.’s coal workers, as the coal industry is likely to continue to downsize its workforce as coal becomes an increasingly unattractive means of producing energy and the costs of clean renewable options continue to come down. The labor-intesivity of solar installations means that many more jobs are created in solar then are lost in coal when replacing a coal fired power plant with photovoltaic panels, while also reducing danger to workers in comparison to coal extraction.

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