Tesla Aims to Bring the Same Appeal Apple has Cultivated to Solar

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As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post , Tesla Motors is on track to buying SolarCity for $2.85 Billion in order to bring energy generation (solar), energy storage (Tesla batteries) and energy consumption (home and Tesla vehicle), and Musk has chosen an interesting model to follow in terms of marketing. Bringing solar panels, Tesla batteries and and Tesla vehicles into the same show room will allow would-be customers to learn the first steps about going fossil fuel free in a no-pressure, educational environment where they can get first hand, hands-on experience with the products they may be purchasing. The model being pursued is akin to the one Apple developed with its Apple stores, a model which caused its market share to boom from an unrecognized/ undifferentiatable company to the tech behemoth and household name we know today. Soon Tesla Energy may emerge as an even more prevalent entity than Apple is today, powering the transition to a clean energy future. Here at Soveren we applaud their efforts.

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