Want To Figure Out How Much Your Solar Array Effects Your Carbon Footprint?

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The EPA has a lovely calculator that you can use to see what your carbon offset would be by going solar.
Here’s how to calculate:
1kW DC installed solar will offset ~$260/year of electricity costs through Green Mountain Power
1kW DC installed solar produces ~1300kWh/year
So, take your total yearly bill and divide by $260 to get the amount of kW DC installed solar you will require.
Example: John pays $2400/year 2400/260=9.2
Then multiply your result by 1300
Example: 9.2 X 1300 = 11960
This figure (11960) will be the approximate amount of kWh produced by the array in a given year. You can plug this number into the EPA calculator under “If You Have Energy Data” and select “Kilowatt-hours of electricity” as the unit.
This will then populate a list of equivalencies to the carbon offset your array has!
We pride ourselves in providing a product that can help our customers save money — and the monetary reward is often the feature of the array customers enjoy most — however it is far from the most important part of investing in solar; the core mission here at Soveren is to do our part in bringing about a transition to clean, renewable energy and reducing humanity’s carbon footprint. Here at Soveren we know that we must care for our planet and its inhabitants, we must ensure future generations’ prosperity, we must ensure our most valuable natural resources remain intact and we know that we’ve in the right business to do so.

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