China’s Solar Market Continues To Boom

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China continues to plow forward installing solar to meet its ever increasing energy demands, having installed over 15 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2015, however it is yet to be seen whether this trend is economically sustainable. Much of China’s solar capacity is installed but not yet online, and the country continues to build additional coal-fired power plants despite having the some of the most polluted air of any country.

Currently their total installed capacity sits around 43 gigawatts, making them the leader internationally of installed capacity. The government is aiming to install 15-20 gigawatts of solar per year as part of their next 5-year plan. By 2020 China aims to have 140 gigawatts of installed solar. To put that into scale, the  total installed solar capacity worldwide is expected to reach 321 gigawatts by the end of this year.

Installations continue and production is ramping up, but some experts have concerns that the market may be becoming oversaturated with production that exceeds global demand.

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