Renewables Booming, Climate Change Still Imminent At Current Trends

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Climate change is a hot topic globally, and the pursuit of saving the planet from ourselves has been making great headway in the realms of Solar, Wind, and Electric Vehicles. Despite these advancements — which are largely in line with necessary advancement to curb climate change — there are many industries which cannot ween themselves off of fossil fuels as easily. Industries which are still fossil fuel dependent and not advancing renewables in their sector are causing a lag in global progress towards addressing climate change. Sectors such as aerial and marine goods transportation are falling behind as an easy replacement for fossil fuels for planes and ships has not been found. Additionally, as developing countries seek to advance their infrastructure, there is an enormous amount of money being invested in new coal plants globally, while nuclear — often seen as a good alternative to coal for a baseline of electricity generation — is not being invested in.

The advancement in some sectors with others lagging behind creates both a false sense of success in our fight against climate change when it comes to solar, wind and electric vehicles while other industries keep polluting, and also puts additional pressure on industries who’ve fallen behind. It is indeed a double-edged sword; we must make sure to continue promoting industries showing strong growth in renewable energy applications and also do our best to advance the industries falling behind.


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