Virtues of Solar Coupled With Ashrams In India

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India has been making leaps and bounds in its efforts to build greater solar capacity, however there is still much work to be done in the world’s second most populated country. The government of Narendra Modi, current prime minister of India, is looking into supplying all Ashrams in the country with solar in the hopes that creating a visible solar presence at places of worship will encourage the faithful who frequent these hermitages will be inspired by their religious leaders to follow suit.

The notion of coupling religious institutions with solar energy has been gaining traction both domestically and abroad, as eco-conscious organizations are reaching out to establish common ground with religious communities. Indeed, here in the US the Unitarian Universalists have become known for promoting solar to their communities and building arrays on their places of worship. Coupling spiritually-based morality with eco-morality can be a big step in galvanizing larger communities behind the fight for renewable energy and promote solar across entire faith-based groups.

Regardless of religious affiliation, most people of faith tend to regard the Earth as an important part of the divine’s creation. As such, it makes sense that those who are invested in safeguarding this creation would come to the forefront of one of the most important steps in maintaining its well being; going solar helps safeguard our planet from the extractive businesses who seek to pillage it and maintain the beautiful creation that both the religious and the non-faithful hold in common.

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