Solar Roadways Pave The Way For The Future Of Infrastructure

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Solar Roadways is a concept which could potentially change the game for the renewable energy industry; by incorporating solar into already cleared land which currently is paved, the available space for solar roadways has already been mapped out and the usage for the space as such is unlikely to change. Virtually every parking lot, paved sports court, road, driveway, etc., could potentially be replaced with this technology. The LEDs within the panels are programmable and can be changed on demand to create a new configuration. Solar roadways have the potential to revolutionize our infrastructure by creating power, melting snow or ice on the road using an integrated heating element –eliminating the need for plowing–, and providing instantaneous road layout changes and messages as needed for construction, fallen debris, obstacles in the road, or simply reconfiguring parking.


Solar Roadways, the company producing the solar roadway product, started in 2006 and debuted their first installation in a public square in Sandpoint, Idaho.


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