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Photos of Soveren Solar's VCS project in Townshend

Townshend Community Solar in Townshend, VT

As a company, we specialize in capturing and storing sunlight to convert into electricity for personal or commercial use. In other terms, we design and install solar photovoltaic systems that will replace your electricity bill, and protect against future electricity cost increases. Soveren began exclusively installing photovoltaic systems in 2010, and since then has installed nearly 2000kW of PV for more than 100 clients. We’ve helped eight small businesses and farms apply for and successfully receive REAP grants, which paid for 25% of the cost of their systems. REAP grants are highly competitive, and Soveren customers in 2011 received all the funding available to the State of Vermont in their category. We do everything we can to maximize the financial support that our customers receive from government agencies. We file for state incentives, and help you to claim the federal tax credit. And when appropriate, we apply for REAP grants on behalf of our customers too.

Vermont Community Solar

Recently we have been working on a new program called Vermont Community Solar. Under this program, people are able to own portions of a larger system, thus allowing people without a good location of their own to invest in solar and generate net metering credits. It has been wildly successful and we are now scheduled to start construction on our seventh Vermont Community Solar project in southern Vermont. If you would like more information on how to participate in this program please call 802-869-2500 for more information.

Free Site Visit

During your initial free consultation we will discuss your options for going solar, and review your electricity needs.  Following a telephone consultation, Soveren will provide a free site assessment, including an evaluation of the solar resource, and a survey of locations for placement of the PV system. Soveren will then provide a customized proposal for a system that will meet your energy needs. The Solar design process is complex – which is why the State of Vermont requires that to qualify for State incentives, systems must be designed and installed by certified Solar Partners. We’ve installed systems all over southern Vermont, ranging in size from small personal solar systems to large commercial photovoltaic systems like the one at Harlow Farm. Here is a map of all of Soveren’s solar installations and more information and images of projects.

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DSC03913Company Philosophy

At Soveren, we care about helping our local community become more sustainable. In our personal lives, we buy from local farms and dairies and try to be as involved as possible in making our community a better place to live. One of the ways that we accomplish this is by installing solar systems. What started out as a way to fulfill a belief system has turned into a company! We feel privileged to be a part of making Southern Vermont greener. And also to have the possibility of creating jobs for people in our area.

The Team

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