Ground Mounts

Soveren Solar is now offering a commercially available Seasonably Adjustable Top of Pole PV Mounting System Made of Galvanized Steel and Aluminum

The Soveren Universal Solar Six-Panel Top-of-Pole Mount (TPM6) is designed to install quickly and provide a secure mounting structure for PV modules on a single pole. The non-module specific design gives you the flexibility to use whichever panels you want. Soveren is based in Vermont, resulting in quicker turn around and shipping time.

The TPM6 utilizes hot dipped galvanized steel and aluminum components and corrosion resistant hardware for long-term reliability. Seasonal adjustability for maximizing production is provided by three tilt-angle settings and only takes one person half a minute to change – no ladder required. Seasonal adjustment can increase production by up to 15% annually!

Maximum Strength – Durable Design

  • Standard mounts designed to withstand 90 mph with sch 40 pole and crossbar or 110 mph with sch 80 pole and crossbar.
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel cross bar and pole-top won’t rust
  • 6000 series structural Aluminum mounting rails and strong backs
  • Stainless Steel and Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel module mounting and rack assembly hardware

Ease of Assembly – Reduced Labor Costs

  • Simple, straightforward installation process, no heavy machinery required
  • Inter-pole electrical connections at cross bar level means significantly less conduit and trenching


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