Your Installation

Soveren uses only high quality materials that meet or exceed all NEC code requirements and ensure a long and productive system life.

Ground Mount

Untitled3Soveren uses a fully engineered, custom designed pole mounting system made out of galvanized steel. Each pole mount consists of a central pole embedded in a concrete footing, a top plate which is connected to a top bar, four wand arms that the PV modules are fastened to, and a brace arm that locks the whole assembly in position. The individual pieces of the assembly are fastened together using a combination of galvanized and stainless steel hardware. All pole mount components have been selected to be durable, adjustable, and compatible with additional components. Galvanized steel offers a good combination of strength and economy, and ensures the pole mount will perform well beyond the expected life of the solar system.


PV Modules

panels-cool-angleSoveren sources PV Modules (panels) from tier one manufacturers such as ReneSola, Eopply and Soligent.* The modules are warranted for 25-years. Modules have been selected for quality, performance and competitive pricing. The system designs can call for 240-300 Watt modules, which provide optimum power density, allowing for a smaller overall system footprint.


inverterSoveren uses SMA Sunny Boy* inverters or Fronius* inverters. Both best-in-class inverters are backed by a 10-year factory warranty and offer compelling performance, reliability and economy. The system design usually calls for multiple smaller inverters to allow for flexible string configurations and layout. In addition these small inverters can be mounted directly to the backside of the pole mounts where they are shaded by the array and do not require additional mounting structures, or on the inside of the structure where the roof mounted system is installed.



*Soveren reserves the right to use comparable components on your system. The companies listed above are only examples of  ones that Soveren works with and the reasons we have chosen to use them. We do not have an exclusive relationship with those companies.