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Vermont Community Solar for Businesses on Rt 5 in Putney, VT

Community Solar projects take advantage of Vermont’s group net-metering law, which allows the solar net metering credits generated by a single PV system to be credited to multiple utility accounts.

Member-owners of a Community Solar project receive benefits from owning a net-metered PV system, without the system having to be located on their property.

Community Solar provides opportunity to those with poor solar sites due to shading or space limitations, aesthetic concerns, and even renters!

Whether you are a renter, homeowner with a modest utility bill, or a large commercial user, you can benefit with from Community Solar.

To learn more about Vermont Community Solar, please contact Soveren at 802-869-2500 or email Anna at anna(at)SoverenSolar(dot)com

Community Solar for Businesses and Residences

Soveren Solar has installed the first Community Solar Farm for Businesses in Southern Vermont. It is a 150 kW group net metered solar farm on Rt 5 in Putney, VT. It is owned by three local businesses.

“I installed a small PV system to see if it would work as well as I had heard.  Within 3 months I was participating in a Soveren Solar Community Solar Project in Putney that will provide enough net metering credits to offset my company’s use.”

 Jason Cooper, Brattleboro businessman and member of the Brattleboro Energy Committee

Soveren is currently accepting reservations for its next Community Solar Project — which is for both businesses and residences! Capacity in the system is available on a first-come first-serve basis until the full 150kW is reserved. Soveren Solar will provide a waiting list for anyone interested in purchasing capacity at a future site. We are planning on installing at least three sites this summer, so there will be room for everyone! For more information contact Maria or visit our page about Community Solar.

Soveren Solar will be the developer and installer of the array, and will provide the ongoing operations and maintenance of the facility. In addition, Soveren Solar will serve as the group administrator, handling all group billing and administrative duties.


For more information about Community Solar,

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